Rsun the Lakefort Hotel


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Address:No.9 Huanshan East Road, Wuxi, 214091, Jiangsu
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Wuxi hong Yang Locke fe garden hotel is located in the beautiful scenery of wuxi taihu lake shore hong Yang three laps of the area, three laps in taihu lake in the east, the west mashan twelve peaks, she is like a bright pearl inlaid in the beautiful scenery between the hotel's overall modelling is used and how to harmonize the three laps park baroque style, designed by internationally renowned hotel designers' complete hotel building with a total area of 21000 square meters, the hotel has all kinds of the subject of French amorous feelings business standard rooms and luxury suites, form a complete set of features Chinese restaurant at the same time a romantic French restaurant business multi-functional conference room in the gym And other luxury outdoor hot spring and endless pool facilities with high-end French garden in wuxi city, the theme hotel leader's attitude into the French romantic interpretation of culture, to build brand culture, brand positioning of brand development at the same time with healthy distinguished private art four themes build romantic French amorous feelings of liberalism, provides your leisure and business talks with comfortable perfect experience.